My status & Project DE

After months of suffering from stress caused by unemployment and family situations, I have finally manage to get a job. So I am now a lecturer and a warden of a learning institution. The buildings are still new but the institution have been around for about ten years. It is situated about 5 km to the nearest town. The ‘bad’ thing about this posting is that the town here is.. less busy than what you would expect, there’s no big and grand malls, no bowling alleys, no cinemas. You’ll see greenery all over here.

Well… It’s not really a bad thing, only that the nearest bigger town/city is about 100km up or down the highway. The 2 lane highway is usually traversed by large slow lorries/trucks which really is dangerous since the road is mountainous.

Things are better for me here, more than the bad things. Moving out from my parents and now doing what I want while taking on responsibilities that I chose, really feels good. Plus, I can finally own a living. Having a lifetime partner however will have to be postponed for at least another 5 years.

Enough of those. Since I entered this institution at half of the semester, I have been given only one class to teach as an assistant lecturer and since the department I’m in is still new (have only up to second semester diploma students), there’s less time teaching. I decided to use this not so busy time to create games and update this blog.

If you’ve been here a few months ago, you’ll notice that I have remove some pages of this blog that I have deemed unnecessary. The Bane Brandisher Project (Project BB) have been scrapped and replaced by a Tactical RPG, the Dragon Emblem Project (Project DE).

Here’s a sneak peak of the title screen:

Project DE is active. I’ve been compiling various scripts in making the game’s core engine. There’s no demo or release date at the moment but I can promise that the game’s gameplay systems are already finish. Currently I’m in the process of completing the database. The project will have it’s own page by the end of this week.

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