DE Banner, About, & Monster Showcase

One month ago I posted that I’ll make a page for Project DE but since most interaction elements are still WIP, I’ve decided not to until a later time.

During the last month a lot has happened. I went to 3 courses and got about 7 course days in my quota for this year. The minimum required by my institution is 10 a year. I thought it was quite fast since I just entered a month ago. The guys here told me that though the quota is 10, the average is 20 a year…  Well not much can be done. Two weeks later will be final exams here. Then I’ll be buried in piles of paper needing markings. After that it’ll be no teaching for two months.

For Project DE I’ve made a simple banner that you see above. Also I revised the story into a smaller version and changed some of the gameplay. Originally I planned to allow game progress by a day per mission but found out that I would be a tedious chore for me alone. So the gameplay progression will be divided to main mission and side mission. Main mission progresses by completion of previous main mission. The side missions are automatically unlocked by main missions.

The story now revolves around Roan Falco, a dishonorably dismissed soldier and his quest to find a man. To facilitate his personal agenda, he registered a guild. Not much but it is better than what I previously had in mind.

The past month I also did some recolor of VX & VXA monster charset which you can see below. I’m thinking of including Vibrato’s and some from however I do not know the author’s name and his terms of use. If someone can tell me, I’ll greatly appreciate it.

Another problem arise; I need to name these monsters. I’m open to suggestions.

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