DE Monster/ Enemy & Gameplay Mechanics

 YAY! It’s exam time here. For the students this will be the most feared time. For other  lecturers this will be a hectic time. For me, who is currently only an assistant, I have less work. And I’m looking forward to when the exams end. That’s when there’s less students here than during the usual lecture days. With this free time I decided to further revise Project DE’s enemies and the gameplay mechanics related to it.


Planned mechanics:

The enemy parameters are dynamic to the characters’ levels and they have their own levels. When the PCs gain levels on a mission, the enemy will also update their level whenever the player did a mission. This will constantly make the game a challenge for the player. To implement this I used YERD Enemy Level Control by Yanfly. It went well. However I could not make the enemy drop more than 2 items. I used KGC_ExtraDropItem by Tomy. It did not work because the SRPG2 scripts by Tomoaky uses different class that I have yet to be able to sucessfully modify.

During the time I spent trying to make the scripts compatible, I review all of Project De’s gameplay mechanics as a whole and decided that KGC_ExtraDropItem is not necessary. Reason is that the script will allow all the listed items in the comment available as item drop. A level 100 slime will have the same item drops with the same probability as a level 1 slime. I also decided to remove YERD Enemy Level Control since the enemy level will increase until it reach its level cap. Having a constantly challenging enemy on the same mission for a 10th time even after the player fully upgrades his PCs equipment, does not seem like the game is rewarding the player for their effort.

Revised mechanic:

I’ve remove the two scripts but I still want to give the player some challange while making the enemy have varying skills and item drops at different levels. Luckily the RPGMaker VX database allows 999 enemy data entry. I decided to make multiple instances of enemy using the same name in the database. Its a simple workaround but an effective one. This way the player will faced a greater challenge to defeat a higher level enemy of the same species of enemy from their previous mission but only for a while until the player’s PCs are several level higher. This also will help distribute the item drops over different missions. Thus give challenge for the other gameplay features (smithing, crafting, alchemy, item synthesis, etc). Using the same enemy name also fits nicely with the background story as the story happens only in one region of the nation. It is more logical to have only few enemy species in a small region than hundreds in that same region.

Developer’s side, this method greatly reduces the burden of thinking the enemies’ names and making their graphics. Downside is that there is a greater need to balance the enemy, game level design & maps.

Next, maybe I’ll write about Project DE’s other gameplay features.

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