Rant, pain, frustrations & euphoria

A month without any much progress on Project DE, not as much as I hoped. I’ve reduced the size of banners to a more eye pleasing size. Also a new banner have been added to show if my post only contains rants. Last month much has happened. Read on if you want to just laugh at me.

So last month started with me hoping that I could do work on Project DE but I went astray when I played Disgaea 4. It was the start of a medley of health problems and bad decisions.

First, thing that happened to me was some sort of skin problem, many itchy marks appeared all over my body. Marks like some insect bites. They appeared when I arrived at my workplace. I thought it might have something to do with my bed. After work I went home and changed the bedsheet. The itchy feeling subsided before I went to sleep.

The next morning they were gone. I went to work happily but it quickly turned sour as the marks started to pop out on my arms before spreading all over again. Another day of tested patience. Back home I changed the bedsheet again but after I sprayed the bed with antiseptics.

The same thing happened again on the third day. I decided that the bed was not the culprit. It must have been the food I ate a few days ago. The food that I seldom eat but had a big intake. The culprit was ‘tuna in a can’ or more precisely was the combination of tuna and monosodium glutamate (MSG). To make matters worst the allergic condition was increased by eating chicken, beef or any refined sugar. I was withering in pain as I tried to recover by drinking warm plain water for a few days. 

Then there’s one week when I had to go back to my parents house to look after my grandmother while they went on vacation. The first day I tried to cook some stir fry vegetables but found that most of the vegetables were either rotten or had worms. I went out to buy her food at the stall I once frequented only to find that they only serve on type of food now. I had to go further to a line of food stall at a rest place in front of a hotel, a little far but at least had what my grandmother can eat.

Routinely every morning I had to make sure she takes her medicine at around 6:30 AM, wash a pot for her to cook rice and buy her lunch food/ side dishes at around 10:30 AM. Afterwards be on call  (waiting for trouble) at the living area until 7:30 PM to make sure she takes her night medicine. For that whole week I felt as if I was half awake when I slept at night. My grandmother had a history of waking me or my parents deep in the night just to go to the hospital.   

At the end of that week I may have made a bad decision. Going back to a game stall that had Disgaea 3 for PSVita, I found out that it was sold out. Only two weeks for such a niche title. I was planning to buy the game first before buying the PSVita as most of the stock comes with a free? game, Ninja Gaiden or Uncharted. Both of which I am not interested in. My frustration kicks in, I went to a toy shop a little further away. Well not exactly a little, about over 60 km away by train.

Seeing all the toys, temptation starts to overcome me but after reasoning myself till I started sweating, I managed to pull myself away. As I started to walk back to the train station I remembered a game store just two floors above the toy store. I went just being itchy to see other games… That’s when I end up with a PSVita and a Disgaea 3 Absence of Detention….. Now that leaves me with half of my income to last me for a whole month. At least my frustrations ended that day with a blissful feeling of success.

Going back to work, the current unbusy / relaxed work life bites me when I forgot that I had to attend a course. I managed to attend just before the important part ends. Luckily it was done in the workplace.  Since it ended about an hour before my work time ends, I decided to checked my emails. My computer starts crashing, rebooted, hangs during booting, hangs during windows logon, blue screens, system files missing, cannot boot and what not.

 Yup, one of the biggest frustrations that happened when I was just looking forward for the weekend. It kept me awake through the night as I tried a lot of different methods to get it to work. I finally tried to delete some of the programs that manage the printers on the network and windows media player 11 programs. It worked, still slow but a lot better. Ends my worry of having to reformat, buy new software, losing tons of data on rpg maker and other projects and mostly having to buy a new computer when I’m nearly broke.          

Weekend, as I was trying to have fun playing my PS3, my father called and chatted a bit. He wants me back for my younger brother’s wedding. Sure, I said, for the celebration on our family’s side two weeks later. No, he said, for the bride’s side next week and for our side the week after. Being an obedient? son, I said “OK”, and end the call… Hell, it was OK. Expenses for two return trips will be costly, and since my parents believes that I haven’t splurged last months income, they may expect some show of kindness and wealth. So this week and the next I’ll have to starve myself while bring back maybe 2 pizzas this week and a roast chicken the next.

A new work week starts, last night I couldn’t sleep so I played and finished Atelier Totori. BAD END….XP. No, I’m not going to be frustrated over a Bad End game, I kind of expecting it to happened since I did not manage to get an ending flag and my playthrough was awful. It’s work that’s getting on my nerves. A week before I took leave to look after my grandmother, we had to file and close record for this semester. I tried to get a file but there was none for me. I asked the acting head of department and he told me that I and another lecturer do not have to submit the file since we are new.

Today I was told by another lecturer that we had to. Since I’m only assisting another lecturer, I only need to submit a copy of records he had. The problem was I already ask him for the records two weeks before my leave, and multiple times. I did not see him today and none of the other lecturers saw him. Tried to search for his file but it was empty.

Well, today should be a good turn for the week as things that I ordered online starts to come. Just received my Atelier Meruru and Catherine. God, what came over me when I bought Catherine? More to come, this evening or tomorrow, about 5 Frame Arms plastic kit models and some modeling tools. Hopefully nothing goes wrong for the rest of this month and the next.


I sighed, a rant that summarize my whole month. Forgot to mention, I’m currently suffering from shoulder pain for the past week. Anyone have a remedy? I tried some hot ointment. It worked only when applied, maybe I need to correct my sitting of sleeping posture. 


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