Banners, new projects, & blog’s course.

Another post this soon? I do have a lot of free time and my enthusiasm for my hobbies starts to get me. The things I ordered online came yesterday; 2 PS3 games, 5 Frame Arms kit, 7 M.S.G weapons, and 3 diorama kits. I decided to assemble one of the Frame Arms when I woke up early this morning. It took me about 4 hours before I had to stop to go to work. What’s left were its weapons. The feeling of success in assembling it gave vigor that I decided to make more posts on this blog and several other decisions.

New RMVX Projects:

Well, not really new projects but more like side projects since I’m having some troubles with Project DE. These projects are lesser than Project DE but their success probability are higher. I had some plans on them for a long time. Only now I decide to continue development.

Zoids Cross Evolution / Zoids X Evo (Project ZXE)

I fell in love with zoids when I bought a zoids bear like figure when I was 11 years old. It was in metallic color of green and gold. It had a wind up motor that makes it walk forward in small steps, on four feet or two feet. Then in the 2000’s I encountered zoids blox and bought a lot of them. I also played a number of Zoids RPGs, the Zoids Saga series.

Last year I was searching for news on Zoids when I bump into a large collection of Zoids sprite at The web admin, Superliger gave permission for me to use the sprites in a game. But of course the originals still belongs to their rightful owners.

Game summary:
Planet Zi had a great earthquake that destroyed a kingdom. Then followed by a sudden increase of wild zoids encounter all over the world. This made all the warring countries to divert their attentions to self-defense from being overrun by the wild zoids.

Ten years after the earthquake, the Sol Arcadia kingdom managed to develop the X-Evo Zoid Core. The zoid made from this core is able to shape shifts into different forms following certain evolution paths.  

With the kingdom’s limited resources, only ten of this cores were made. However, six of them were stolen. Join Sol Arcadia’s special task force team in retrieving the cores while defending against the ever-increasing numbers of wild zoids. 

Gameplay: SRPG


WildARMs: The Promised Land

Wild ARMs is a good game series. I have played Wild ARMs 2, 3, 4, 5, and XF. They have good battle system, challenging puzzles, good gameplay features and last but not least great soundtracks. The idea of making a game based on the settings of Wild ARMs came after I rediscover a Dark Cloud 2 weapon script at It was versatile enough and coupled by Yanfly Engine Melody and Battle Engine Melody the game should make the player crave for more. Then I saw OriginalWij’s hookshot script, it gave me a lot of ideas for enemy encounters and puzzles.

Game summary:

Twenty year old Jack had grown up listening tales of his ancestors’ life. Tales from the time when Filgaia was a dying land, when food was scare, when bloodshed was as normal as breathing. A time that was far different from the lush green and bountiful of today’s Filgaia. Jack disregarded the stories as he lived a content life. That is until the day of his wedding when all but him turned to stone, when he encountered the mystifiying Luciel.

Join him as he travels to find the cure for his bride and discover a world that is far more savage than the tales. A world that was called The Promised Lands.

Gameplay: Turn-based RPG


The Plastic Models Banner

I like to assemble model kits. The first model kit I put together was a robot from a candy toy of some super sentai show. After that there were a few more before I fell in love with Gundam. My first Gundam Plamo was Gundam Wing Zero. Back then my father saw my interest and encouraged me to get some military aircraft. It was such a waste since they were not of snap-fit assembly unlike the Gundam Plamo. Then came Zoids, Macross, a lot of other capsule toys and candy toys. A few years ago the Frame Arms Plamo was added to my collection. Even after nearly 2 decades, I still consider myself as an amatuer.

My parents see this hobby as a waste. I have to agree with them when they gave their reasons. But I still love this hobby, more after I learned about the processes involved in manufacturing during my study in Mechanical Engineering.

If you see this banner at the beginning of a post then it had to do with Plamo / Plastic Models. The posts will usually consist of either; model review, photos, release info, crafting techniques or any combination of above. 

The Game Making Banner

If there are things on game making that I wanted to share, I’ll flag this banner. Most of the stuff will be on RPG maker and the resources for them found over the net. I’ll also put in some interesting articles on game making that I find.  


I’ve charted this blog’s course to be one filled by my hobbies other than my ramblings. Hopefully others can enjoy and learn something from this blog.

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