A new semester starts and my life is already hell…

I’m slowly restructuring this blog, expect visible changes after 2 weeks. For now I’m going to rant about what happened the last two weeks.

Two weeks ago I went to a ‘leadership course’. It was fun but at that time my PSVita starts to have problems. I thought it was only because of my finger prints/grit on the touch screen but the problem seems to escalate after I wiped the screen. It went crazier at one point when I was pushing to finish Gundam SEED Battle Destiny. The controls went beserk. My PSVita was firing the MS’s main weapons without me pressing the [O] button. And if I’m using Blast Impluse Gundam, it’ll fire the secondary weapon. But I still pushed through and finished 5 more missions before the final phase of CE 73 ZAFT missions. I just bought the PSVita only a month ago. Luckily, I still have the receipt for warranty.

I went back to work, forcing a smile on my face until my colleague dropped the bomb on me. Well…  it was really like a real bomb for me. My colleague was chosen to be a ‘student affairs officer’ thus leaving his post. I was nominated and was chosen by the Director to fill his post, the post of  ‘disciplinary officer’ for the whole institution. As a warden, I was already having concerns on student’s discipline but since there’s nothing I can do, I simply just ignore it. Now being a ‘disciplinary officer’, I’m suffering from a lot more stress. My conscience, flexibility, and management skills are now truly being challenged. I’ve been given the responsibility to oversee the disciplinary of all student in the institution.

A new semester starts here. I wasn’t around during the new student registration, but a colleague told me that some of the new students were breaking the appearance/attire regulation. During the old student registration, I was called to reinforce the regulations. I had a lot of headaches the whole time I’m there.

A few days before study week, another colleague dropped a bomb on me. I’m the course coordinator for the subject: material technology 1. The subject is still new in this department, I have to do the ‘lesson plan’ and get some lecturer to ready the notes. I did learn the subject during my diploma and degree studies but trying to level the notes to teach these students is a real pain.

Next week there’s a 3 day event here and there’s no class but we have to recover the class at a later time. The problem is I will be attending a workshop for the whole three days at another institution about 100km from here. No transportation, no accommodation provided. There’s a large possibility that I’ll have to travel each day. I’m really tired….


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