Slow Progress…..

The past month I was engrossed in playing some games. Finished some and bought some more. Two days ago my Mugen Souls arrived. I’m hooked by the gameplay. But some of its game mechanics irks me.

Anyway on my game developement, progress is slow. Found some more scripts that are not compatible with Tomoaky SRPG2. I’ve changed all of my projects to base on Yanfly Engine Melody (YEM) and Battle Engine Melody (BEM).

The progress on Zoids X-Evo has slowed until I can get a script that replaces the party as a cursor on the map.

On Wild ARMS TPM, I’m having a lot of trouble in adjusting the weapon customization script that I may have to scrap the idea and replace it with item synthesis.

Dragon Emblem suffers the same. I planned to use an additional menu for some kind of order system. I’ll make a mock-up and post it on Rpgmakerweb in next week.

That’s all from me.


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