Impulsive buying & game creation drive

Last week I felt as if I was possesed when I bought a number of collector / limited edition games. It must be because of the stress accumulating from marking and grading my studets’ assesments.

Among them were; arcana hearts 3, harvest moon a new beginning 3ds, tales of the abyss 3ds, neptunia V and final fantasy xiii 2. I was crazy as I do not have a 3ds yet. I played final fantasy 13 and was disappointed but the 13-2 is a lot better as you have a greater range of travel and freedom. Then I also pre-ordered P4: the golden and kamisama to unmei kakumei no paradox. My figmas also arrived, so the weekend was rather blissful despite raining everyday and marking deadline this week.

There’s a game creation drive (if I’m not mistaken the tittle) going on in Reading the participants post on their game development progress is rather inspiring. Thou I decided not to participate, I did resolve to atleast make weekly progress in my game development. Also I’m migrating to Ace.

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