Game Making Drive week 1

A bit late than I promised. It is exam week over here and there are a lot of work to be done. I migrated all of my projects to VXAce. It will take a longer time to finish but at least the changes are for the better especially when during the game balancing phase. Also I’m using Yami’s Battle Engine Symphony for the battle visuals. Below are for a more specific update of each projects.

The general story line was revised as I did more researched on the Wild Arms series. The story’s background and the prologue stays the same. Guardians are added into the story as well as a new PC. As for the visuals, I did consider using something similar to Holder’s battler but I think going with Kaduki style is slightly easier. The monsters and enemies will be made from scratch as I don’t think any of the RTP materials would fit the story.


In the process of ripping all the zoid image, naming and writing down their parameters and attacks. The number of zoids in the game will be about 100. This is lower than in NDS Zoids saga which is more than 200. The reason is that not many of the zoids are popularly used by the players of the Zoids saga series. Also the number of attacks/skill entry in the database is limited. The stats and attack modification system found in the series will not be implimented. A chain attacks/skill system is implimented. These will give the players more strategy and tactics as they ravage through hordes of zoids.

In the process of writing the story. Will use kaduki style charsets for the players. Also implimenting Kread-ex’s Alchemic Synthesis from Grimoire Castle.

That is all for this week. Stay safe.

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