A rageful rant.

Last night was terrible. I really was out of my mind when I rushed the 2 male residental blocks in the institution. The crazier part was I did it on my own.

It started around 11.30 pm as I finished playing a game and wanted to get ready for sleep. A firecracker popped somewhere in the male blocks, followed by the sound of a horn (the one used during football). I didn’t care as I was already tired of these residents’ attitudes and problems they caused. I was like ‘go the damn them in hell’.

Then some idiot turned on a high banging music at loud volume. I was angry at that point but since the music died down quickly so does my temper. It didn’t last long… a pop and a horn later I readied to go find those idiots.

The first thing I found when coming down from the warden appartment was that the student store was still open at 12 am (students curfew at 11pm). I drove off the remaining customers back to their rooms. Then I went searching for the noise makers.

It was rather quiet as I walked between the two male residential blocks, save for some idiots shouting and screaming. Since I may not be able to get the ones I’m searching for, I decided to look at the illeagelly parked cars behind the blocks and took some photos (students’ vehicles are forbidden on the campus). What irks me was the sight of a Honda Accord. To think that a diploma student drove that car when lecturers like me only drove a 12 year old car (It became worse when I heard that the driver was a first semester student).

As I sighed and started walking back, my ear nearly exploded by the head banging music that suddenly came back. A few students started shouting but the idiot did not turn it off. Even when I was standing by the door. My blood was starting to boil then.

I ordered him to hand over his sub-woofer. At first he talked back and raised his voice but he quiet down when I raised mine. I confiscated the sub-woofer while the student complained saying that I was mistreating him and others got away with what they were doing. I didn’t care since I just wanted to go back and get some sleep. (It’s exam week, dammit! Other students have exams in the morning)

A hissing sound and the smell of paint caught my attention as I descend to the ground floor. A student was spraying his project on the corridor. Normally I wouldn’t care since I know that the visual graphic design students had a project presentation in the morning. What made me wanting to punch the student’s face was he did not cover the corridor floor first before painting. I confiscated his student card on charges of vandalism.

As I walked I saw more of what the students did to the place. The wardens have left them alone for a few months without much attention. Freedom as they want. But seeing the building’s corridors painted with paints left me fuming. It looked like an abandoned building filled by drug addicts.

With adrenaline rushing, I went and did a spot-check through the two male residential blocks. I only target those that left their doors open and those that have the smell of ciggaratte smoke. My face was stiff with my angry expression. I confiscated the student cards and told them to see me in the morning.

Around 2.30am I finished and went home. It was peaceful but my ear seemed perked up searching for sounds of fire crackers, horn, loud music and etc. I couldn’t calm down and sleep. I toss and turned until morning came.

As I wrote this, only half of the students came to get back their cards and summon.

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