Game Making Drive Week 4

GM BannerI wanted to post this up on Sunday but decided to hold off for a while. My lecture timetable had Wednesday nearly empty except for a 2 hour class in the evening. Maybe I can work on these projects during that time. Feeling a bit naughty here. XD. So unless I have better things to do (write articles, research paper, inovation projects ) , I’ll make some progress on the projects. Now to the updates:

WildARMS The Promised Lands banner I was hoping to make a ARMs modification system based on kread-ex’s alchemy synthesis. The problem that arise is that there was no way of informing the player what traits the weapon currently have other than going into the synthesis menu and select the item as an ingredient. I asked for a little add-on but was refused since he would only do it if he was commisioned. Unless I have a stable spending and a credit card for Paypal, I won’t be commisioning him in the nearest future. But he may just be swayed if a few others give him a nudge…. just maybe….

On another note: I am making a new project, temp name; Dungeon World Alpha. The game will focus heavily on gameplay. The story is simple; a demon king wish to conquer the world but gave the world a chance. If someone can defeat him within 1 year, then he would not unleash his army onto the world. Good thing that the demon king was arrogant enough to create a training dungeon for those who wish to fight him.

The player will only have 100 times to use the dungeon but can fight with the demon king at any time, even straight at the beginning. However if the player’s party is wipeout when facing the demon king or while in the dungeon, it’s game over.

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