Game Making Drive week 3

Again a bit late in posting this. Last week we had final exam result meetings and my parents decided to come visit me for the weekend, so I took a day off on friday and cleaned the house. The weekend I spent driving around town with my parents. Now on to the actual news:

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Game making drive week 2

A little late and not much update for this week. Had to finish marking the final exams by 27th. Only managed to rip some zoids sprites and list some of their skills.

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A rageful rant.

Last night was terrible. I really was out of my mind when I rushed the 2 male residental blocks in the institution. The crazier part was I did it on my own.

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Game Making Drive week 1

A bit late than I promised. It is exam week over here and there are a lot of work to be done. I migrated all of my projects to VXAce. It will take a longer time to finish but at least the changes are for the better especially when during the game balancing phase. Also I’m using Yami’s Battle Engine Symphony for the battle visuals. Below are for a more specific update of each projects.

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Impulsive buying & game creation drive

Last week I felt as if I was possesed when I bought a number of collector / limited edition games. It must be because of the stress accumulating from marking and grading my studets’ assesments. Continue reading

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RPG Maker VX Ace Lite…..

About a week ago RPG Maker VX Ace Lite was released on and its free. After testing the software, I came to a conclusion that it is more of a tease for the user to buy the original. Continue reading

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Slow Progress…..

The past month I was engrossed in playing some games. Finished some and bought some more. Two days ago my Mugen Souls arrived. I’m hooked by the gameplay. But some of its game mechanics irks me. Continue reading

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Project pages

I’ve added some pages for the game projects I’m working on. They are under the RMVX projects menu. No rant from me this time.

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A new semester starts and my life is already hell…

I’m slowly restructuring this blog, expect visible changes after 2 weeks. For now I’m going to rant about what happened the last two weeks.

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Banners, new projects, & blog’s course.

Another post this soon? I do have a lot of free time and my enthusiasm for my hobbies starts to get me. The things I ordered online came yesterday; 2 PS3 games, 5 Frame Arms kit, 7 M.S.G weapons, and 3 diorama kits. I decided to assemble one of the Frame Arms when I woke up early this morning. It took me about 4 hours before I had to stop to go to work. What’s left were its weapons. The feeling of success in assembling it gave vigor that I decided to make more posts on this blog and several other decisions.

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