Zoids X Evo

Zoids Cross Evolution / Zoids X Evo (Project ZXE)


Planet Zi had a great earthquake that destroyed a kingdom. Then followed by a sudden increase of wild zoids encounter all over the world. This made all the warring countries to divert their attentions to self-defense from being overrun by the wild zoids.

Ten years after the earthquake, the Sol Arcadia kingdom managed to develop the X-Evo Zoid Core. The zoid made from this core is able to shape shifts into different forms following certain evolution paths.  

With the kingdom’s limited resources, only ten of this cores were made. However, six of them were stolen. Join Sol Arcadia’s special task force team in retrieving the cores while defending against the ever-increasing numbers of wild zoids. 

Gameplay: SRPG


2012/08/01: project review